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Where function and beauty truly collide. 

We are very proud to be a dealer of Fashion for Kitchens hood fans and lighting fixtures by Wave Design. 

A Hood fan is essential for good ventilation but traditionally the focus has been more on function than decor.  Wave carries over the same attention to detail you would see in a living room. 

At Wave Design, the Designers have been inspired by leading furniture designers, the quality standards of competitors, requirements from customers and the technical expertise of their suppliers.

Each hood fan is equipped with a plasma filter, specially designed for purifying air. It can be mounted on any extractor motor. As soon as air passes through the filter, the purifying process begins. Clean air flows back into your kitchens, eliminating the need for outside exhaust. Imagine designing your kitchen and not having to factor in outside exhaust. 

The purification process eliminates smells, bacteria, germs, dust, dust mites and grease. So it's healthy too!

Wall-mounted, Island model, Built-in or matching lighting is available. All models are refined in their finish and available in various colour combinations.

To see these ventless hood fans up close, please visit our Coquitlam showroom. 

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